I am available as a speaker at events and conferences, with over 10 years of experience of presenting to international audiences. As a disabled person who has worked in the third sector, been a member of national boards and promoted the representation of disabled people within the media, I have firsthand knowledge and experience of the issues that confront people from diverse backgrounds in our society. 


Acting, the media and diversity

Diversity on our screens and stages is increasing. Primetime shows now have a presenters that better reflect our society and storyline that depict narratives of real-life issues. But they remain niche, and there continues to be an underrepresentation of people from alternative backgrounds or who have perceived differences.

By challenging the misconceptions about portraying diversity in the media and highlighting the opportunities for reaching more inclusive audiences, I offer a unique perspective that will engage people working within the industry and those who wish to join it. 

Contact me to discuss your event and I will be happy to tailor my appearance for a bespoke experience.