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Colin is a writer currently working to development script and documentary ideas that I am actively progressing with potential partners.

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One of the most public displays of intimacy, being fed by or feeding another person is an experience we all share. From breast-feeding to offering a spoon of desert to one-another on Valentine’s Day, we need and enjoy being fed at some point in our lives. Yet day-to-day, feeding yourself is a course of nature; grabbing breakfast on the go, having a working lunch with colleagues, or sitting down to a family meal are regular occasions that do not often take a second thought.

Colin Young has Cerebral Palsy, and is fed every meal. 

Feeder invites viewers into the relationship between Colin Young and the willing feeder, as either or both. It will give viewers the opportunity to empathise and interact with the subjects; fundamentally, it asks viewers whether or not they would feed Colin.