In Development

Title: ‘Friends without Benefits’

Genre – Comedy 

Type – Episodes (approx. 25 mins each)

‘Friends without Benefits’ is a unique portrayal of disability as a subtext of the main character’s storyline. Using a sitcom format, it presents the situational reality of being a young disabled person trying to live independently, through a series of engaging, poignant, but often compromising circumstances.

Plot – The protagonist, Rory, a young disabled guy, returns home after travelling abroad with his best friend who stayed behind for the sake of a woman. Through a coincidental meeting, Rory unknowingly moves in with the boyfriend of his best friend’s new lover. Upon discovering this, Rory grapples with the dilemma of revealing his circumstances while developing a friendship with his new flatmate. Each episode features a new theme, which sees an interplay between Rory being disabled and a situation that offers comedy, pathos and tension as Rory strives to avoid putting his foot in it, both literally and metaphorically.